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A comprehensive feasibility study for the project to establish a French fries factory ,Cost Of French Fries Factory.In this study, we will address the most important points related to the French fries production project, as the study will include talking about the strategy of French fries product, its increasing importance and the places of demand for it,Also, we will talk about the French fries production line and its quality and the effect of font technology on the French fries product and we are going to discuss about the way to choose raw materials for the French fries, including raw potatoes, oil and packaging materials, then we will speak about the structure and factory space and the way to equip it.In addition, we will talk about the best ways to market the French fries and the time period needed to retrieve the Cost Of French Fries Factory

This study was created by the team of the Turkish company Madox Machines in cooperation with engineers and specialists from more than one country.

The marketing team at Madox Machines, which specializes in the production of French fries  (frozen) and chips production lines, has been keen to create an accurate study that helps investors establish their projects based on the information of this study.

First: the importance of the half-fried potato product: (cost of french fries factory)

  • In recent years, the demand for the French fries product, or in other words frozen potatoes, has increased significantly, especially in fast food restaurants, large restaurants, hotels, tourist resorts, large chain stores, and also in homes
  • Hence the strategy of this product, which prompts many investors to invest in the manufacture of French fries.
Second: The French fries production line: (cost of french fries factory)
  • The French fries production line is the most important point in the project, because most of the cost of the project is concentrated in the production line, so the investor must choose the production line carefully.
  • The French fries production line includes several processes, first, the soaking and processing of potatoes, the washing, peeling and cutting process. In addition to that, the treatment system also includes the water filter machine, the drying of potato fingers, the frying process and the oil extraction.
Key features of the successful French fries production line: (cost of french fries factory)
  1. In the beginning, the manufacturer must have advanced specialization and high experience in the manufacture of French fries production lines, such as the Turkish company Madox Machines
  2. Fully automatic French fries production line
  3. The production line must be made of stainless steel
  4. It should contain high-quality equipment and supplies that are compatible with the needs of French fries
  5. The production line must contain a modern electronic control system that is easy to use and includes all functions of the production line
  6. Modern technology, operating system, form and working method of the production line constitute the most important elements of the production line.
The components of French fries production line (frozen): (cost of french fries factory)

These components are approved by Madox Machines in its manufacture of production lines for French fries.

The French fries production line consists of three basic stages:

First: the production stage

Second: the stage of electrocution and freezing

Third: The French fries packaging unit

First: the production stage:
  1. The potato soaking machine is integrated with a conveyor belt
  2. Potato washing machine
  3. Potato peeling machine
  4. Process of purifying potato grains
  5. Conveyor belt to the cutting stage
  6. Potato cutting machine, European origin
  7. High-tech multi-functional processing system
  8. Water filter vibrator
  9. Compressed air potato finger drying unit
  10. Conveyor belt for frying unit
  11. The unit for frying half-fried potato fingers
  12. Oil filter vibrator
Second: The stunning and freezing stage, which includes:
  1. Primary cooling unit
  2. Stunning and freezing system
Third: Automatic packaging, which includes:
  1. 1. French fries packaging unit
Detailed explanation of the stages of the French fries production line:
  1. The potato soaking machine is integrated with a conveyor belt: quantities of raw potatoes are unloaded into the potato grain collection basin by workers or by a forklift, after which the potato grains go to the integrated conveyor belt smoothly and gradually to be transported to the washing stage.
  2. Potato washing machine: The potato grains are stirred and washed from impurities in a smooth and thoughtful manner
  3. Potato washing machine: At this stage, the potato grains are peeled accurately, as only the peel is removed professionally, with the possibility of determining the thickness to be peeled.
  4. The process of purifying potato grains: the potato grains are turned over automatically for control operations and detection of invalid potato parts.
  5. Conveyor belt to the cutting stage: The conveyor belt is responsible for transporting the peeled potatoes to the cutting machine.
  6. Potato cutting machine of European origin: Potatoes are cut longitudinally with the least possible wastage.
  7. Processing system: high-tech multi-function including starch drawing, sugar adjustment, blanching, hardness and crunch increase for potato sticks.
  8. Vibrator for water filtration: it works to filter water from potato fingers by means of shaking potato fingers.
  9. Compressed air potato finger drying unit: It dries potato fingers by blowing an amount of air on the surface of potato fingers within a certain path.
  10. Conveyor belt for the frying unit: it works to transfer the potato grains from the drying unit to the frying unit.
  11. Potato fingers frying unit: It fry potato fingers through several integrated frying systems to raise the quality of the product and distribute the heat appropriately, in addition to that it is equipped with oil compensation tanks with large capacity, also equipped with a filter system consisting of several stages that ensure the filtering of the oil as required.
  12. Oil filtering vibrator: works to filter the oil from the potato fingers after leaving the frying unit by means of the potato fingers shaking mechanism.
  13. Pre-Cooling Unit: It pre-cools the potato sticks according to an accurate calculation schedule.
  14. Stunning and freezing system: It receives potato sticks ready for freezing, and stuns them with a special freezing gas and turns the product to a temperature less than -18. Madox company has its own stunning and freezing systems that are of high quality, joint European-Turkish industry.
  15. French fries packaging unit: The packaging system for half-fried potatoes is weighed with a production capacity that suits the investors’ needs.
Third: Raw materials for half-fried potatoes:

The raw materials for half-fried potatoes are an integral part of the quality components of the product because they enter the internal and external composition of the product. They are also important in maintaining the quality of the product after the completion of the production process and in storage.

1_ Raw potatoes: Raw potatoes are the main element in the product.

Types of potatoes: There are many types of potatoes suitable for the product that differ from one country to another. They are usually available or can be cultivated.

Raw potatoes must be stored in a suitable dry environment away from moisture and sunlight to maintain their quality and thus preserve the French fries product.

2_ Frying oil: The oil for frying half-fried potatoes is important in terms of quality, because it plays an important role in shaping the taste within the product. In addition, it helps in prolonging the life of the product.

3_ External wrapping paper: It is available in several types, which increases the options for the investor to choose the type and form suitable for the local and foreign markets, including: transparent, printed and semi-printed cellophane with different thicknesses that help the investor reduce the cost of the product and give it space for competition.

4_ The carton: The carton is used to contain the wrapped products, and in most cases it can accommodate ten envelopes within one carton. It is possible to control the thickness of the carton, but an appropriate thickness must be chosen to keep the French fries product from cracking.

Fourth: The structure and area of the French fries factory:
We need an area of ??at least 1000 square meters to establish a French fries factory, and the factory must be equipped with the following sections:
  1. A space in the hall for the installation of the production line
  2. A warehouse for storing raw potatoes
  3. Cold rooms for finished products
  4. Small laboratory for quality checking
  5. Administrative building

Water, electricity and drainage networks are planned by the manufacturer of the production line after providing the investor with the factory plan for the manufacturer.

Fifth: The best marketing methods for ready-made half-fried potatoes:

The high and increasing demand for the French fries product makes the product easy to market, as the French fries product has become the second most strategic food product after bread, due to the wide spread of the product’s popularity among all economic activities interested in food and among all age groups of consumers.

In addition to that, the lack of producers in local markets such as Russia, Arab countries, Central Asian countries and all African countries (except Egypt) makes this matter easier to compete.

Product marketing is divided into two parts:

  1. Internal Marketing (Inbound marketing)
  2. External marketing (Foreign Marketing )
  • Inbound marketing:

It is possible to market the product easily within the internal market through contracting with marketing and distribution companies, or through contracting with local chain stores (which are the safest and easiest) for long periods of time, or through direct distribution from the factory to stores, restaurants, tourist resorts, and hotels…

  • External marketing:

Most manufacturers are eager to open up to the foreign market and make the product popular in the neighboring international markets, especially in countries where producers are scarce or have a deficit in manufacturing this product.

At the beginning, we must have a high-quality product to facilitate the process of competition and penetration of neighboring markets with ease. At the beginning of our article, we talked about the basics adopted in product quality and the importance that our company gives to this matter.

Manufacturers of the French fries product can export their products by participating in international food fairs, or by contracting with international marketing companies or distributors specialized in this field, or by opening a second division of the factory in the target market.

Sixth: The period of time required to recover the cost of the production line:

Cost of french Fries factory :Through the results that we obtained in our other detailed studies that we conducted on the cost of production and profits in the global market, at first it depends on the working hours of the production line and it is estimated that it takes approximately 8 months only to recover the value of the machines;and it is considered a very fast capital cycle due to the high profit rate and the large demand for the product .

To obtain a detailed study on the profits of the French fries project, Cost Of French Fries Factory, please contact the marketing team

For a detailed study on the costs of the French fries production line, Cost Of French Fries Factory, please contact the marketing team

Question and answer part
Frequently asked questions about the French fries project and production line:
What is the production capacity of the French fries production line?

Madox Company offers many production capacities that suit all customers, as it depends on determining the production capacity on studying the needs of the global markets and the consumer capacity of the French fries product

Production capacities are available as follows:

  • 500 kg per hour
  • 700 kg per hour
  • 1000 kg per hour
  • 2000 kg per hour
  • 3000 kg per hour
  • It is also possible to manufacture a production line with specifications and production capacities according to the customer’s desire

We have identified these production capacities based on studying market needs, consumer capacity, and technical and technological compatibility.

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