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  • introduction
  • What do you need to set up a chips factory?
  • Stages of production of chips from factories
  • Studying costs and profits for establishing a Chipsy factory


  • Although there are many projects in which you can invest and earn money, foodstuffs are among the most preferred projects by investors.
  • Chips are one of the most important food products for which demand is constantly increasing in the market, as it is easy to obtain raw materials and production lines for them, as well as it is one of the easy-to-distribute foodstuffs.
  • in the case of thinking about establishing a Chipsy factory project, it is necessary to create an elaborate feasibility study and calculate the initial costs for everything related to the project to ensure the success and continuity of the project. We will discuss here how to calculate the initial costs and some important factors that must be taken into consideration when starting the establishment of the project.
What do you need to set up a chips factory?
  • Whatever the size of the chips factory you want to establish, there are several requirements and basic capabilities that are indispensable for starting the establishment of the project, to help you in its success and achieve the required profit, namely:
Factory location and area:
  • A suitable location should be chosen for the establishment of the chips factory with an area of not less than 300 square meters, and the factory should be located in one of the industrial areas or in a location close to potato farms, so as not to be subject to legal accountability, as well as ensure the availability of good ventilation sources as it helps to preserve potatoes, and energy sources must also be available such as water, gas, electricity and drainage, and to achieve ideal conditions, it is preferable that the factory be close to paved roads for ease of movement and transportation of products and raw materials.
Availability of machinery and tools required to operate the factory:
  • The basic machines must be available for the establishment of a chips factory, such as a potato examination machine, a potato washing machine, a potato peeling machine, a potato cutting machine, a starch absorption machine, a device for frying potatoes, a weighing machine, a packing machine, and finally a machine for printing the date of production on bags.
Obtaining the necessary licenses for setting up the factory:

One of the most important steps for establishing a chips factory is obtaining important licenses such as registering commercial activity and registering the factory’s trademark

Availability of manpower for the factory:
  • A sufficient number of workers must be available to operate the factory as required, and it is distributed among administrative positions such as: factory manager, accountant, and foreman, and non-administrative positions such as: workers on the production line, distributors, sales representatives, security guards, as well as drivers
Availability of the raw materials needed for the production of chips
  • Such as: potatoes, salt, various flavors of chips, preservatives, packaging bags, and packing cartons.
Stages of chips production from factories
Manufacture of chips: Potatoes go through several stages until they reach the final food product for consumption. These stages are:
  • Cultivation of potatoes for chips – they have a long shape for easy cutting and contain a high percentage of starch and a low percentage of sugar – then store them at a moderate temperature where they can be stored for up to four months, and the potatoes are washed by the machine designated for that, then sorted according to size and transported through special production line to the cutting machine, then washed again by passing it on the water spray line to get rid of the starch,
  • Then they are put to fry in oil, where observers check their color and proper maturity.
  • They are placed in large containers to be weighed and placed in packages or bags where they are filled by a machine and air is drawn from the packages to keep them from damage.
  • Finally, the bags are arranged to be delivered to distributors and distributed in the markets.
Studying the costs and profits of establishing a Chipsy factory
All costs that the factory will need must be studied Including the cost of the location, production lines, manufacturing, packaging, energy resources and drainage, as well as quality control, human resources and distribution, in order to know the project’s rate of return and when the project will achieve profit. Costs can be divided into:
  • Administrative expenses for factory establishment and licenses as well as marketing.
  • Expenses related to energy sources.
  • Expenses and costs required for the purchase of raw materials and periodic maintenance.
  • Monthly salaries for workers.
  • It is not possible to set a specific cost for establishing a chips factory, as the costs depend on everything we mentioned previously, as well as on the size of the investment in the chips factory. But the profit returns can be calculated based on the capital, which is about 42% annually, which is a good percentage, as the factory owner recovers the capital within two years and obtains stable profits every year.
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