About us

Madox Machines is a company that manufactures all production lines of half-fried (frozen) potatoes, natural chips, snacks and advanced packaging systems. Madox Company relies on technology developed in its industries, as it offers high European quality products that give it a strong position in global markets.

Our services

Our Services

Presenting an economic feasibility for the chips industry

We always strive to provide our best to satisfy the customer. And based on our great experience in the international and local markets in this field

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Consultations in the field of chips industry

Our company has a long history in the manufacture of chips machines and chips itself. We started in 1991 with two companies,

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Training and Operation

Madox see that training and operation are one of the most important foundations for starting the project and proceeding with the production process.

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Warranty, technical and logistical support

Madox is proud to provide all technical and logistical support to its valued customers

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Securing raw materials

Our company places customer satisfaction as a priority, especially by helping the customer to access the raw materials needed in production...

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