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Madox Machines is a company that manufactures all production lines of half-fried (frozen) potatoes, natural chips, snacks and advanced packaging systems. Madox Company relies on technology developed in its industries, as it offers high European quality products that give it a strong position in global markets.

Potato chips production line MDX/PCH300

Potato chips production line MDX/PCH300

Potato chips production line MDX/PCH300

Potato chips production line – Chips Lays. The line produces flat potato chips and grooved chips as well. The potato chips production line is equipped with the highest technologies. In addition, it is made of the finest industrial raw materials. The production line is distinguished by its European quality and distinctive Turkish made.

The potato chips production line is one of the most profitable chips production lines, and there is not much spread of competitors in this field, which gives the investor a golden opportunity to be unique in the market.

Main Features of potato chips Production Line:

A  .Fully automatic  potato chips production line 300kg/H high technology completely made of SS 304

Can produce flat and .V. Cut shape of fresh potato  in various thicknesses  ( 0,6 mm up to 2mm )

Made of SS

Capacity 300kg/h

European quality, Turkish made

Potato chips production line consists of:
  1. Potato tank and conveyor
  2. Washing machine
  3. Peeling machine
  4. Check conveyor belt
  5. Conveyor belt to slicer machine
  6. Chips cutting machine
  7. Rinsing and conveyor belt
  8. Blanching machine
  9. Potato dryer machine
  10. Dryer belt
  11. Frying machine
  12. Deoiling machine
  13. Check and cooling conveyor belt
  14. Falvor spray unit
  15. Falvoring drum
  16. Control panel
Detailed explanation of Potato chips production line:
1_Potato tank and conveyor
  • Function: collecting the potato granules in a tank, soaking them, and then preparing them for the washing pump.
  • Metal: SS304.
  • Engine: 2 hp from Siemens, Germany, with an NRW gearbox, a German franchise.
2_Washing machine
  • Function: The first stage of washing the potato granules, whereby washing and removing the dust that is attached to the potato granules.
  • Metal: SS304.
  • Equipped with a Siemens 2 HP engine from an NRW gearbox.
  • It is also equipped with a 3-horsepower Siemens engine with an NRW gearbox.
3_Peeling machine
  • Function: Peeling potatoes as required.
  • A very high technology as it only removes the peels without any waste from the potato.
  • Metal:SS304
  • Equipped with a Siemens 2 HP engine from an NRW gearbox.
  • Equipped with a Siemens 3 HP engine with NRW gearbox
4_Check conveyor belt
  • Function: Watching the peeled potatoes and picking out the bad ones.
  • Its task is to transfer the potatoes from the peeling stage to the cutting stage on a conveyor belt that stirs the potato grains to be detected on the lower side by the mechanism of rotating each potato.
  • Metal: SS304.
  • Fitted with a 1 HP Siemens engine from an NRW gearbox.
5_Conveyor belt to slicer machine
  • Function: Transfer the potato kernels to the slicing machine.
  • And a 1 hp Siemens engine from an NRW gearbox.
  • Metal: SS304.
6_Chips cutting machine
  • Function: Complete the process of slicing potatoes and turning them into chips.
  • Potato chips are cut as desired, zigzag shape or flat, and the thickness of the chips can be controlled.
  • 4 thousand spare cutting blades are attached to the machine.
  • It is also equipped with two flat cutting heads and a zigzag with the ability to adjust the thickness by 1 dpi = (0.1 mm).
  • In addition, a thickness gauge stabilization mechanism has been added (Madox’s own).
    Equipped with a 2 hp engine.
7_Rinsing and conveyor belt
  • Function: Extra washing stage for chips.
  • Equipped with a Siemens 2 HP engine from an NRW gearbox.
  • Equipped with an Italian brand water pump with a capacity of 1 hp.
8_Blanching machine
  • Function: pulling out the starch, adjusting the sugar, and then blanching the potato chips slices.
  • The 2-hp Siemens engine was powered by an NRW gearbox.
  • And a 1 hp Siemens engine from an NRW gearbox.
  • Equipped with an Italian brand water pump.
  • It is equipped with a 3-horsepower engine, the German Siemens brand.
  • Also equipped with a 3-horsepower engine, the German Siemens brand.
  • In addition to a tank for water treatment.
9_Potato dryer machine
  • Function: Dry the flakes from the water.
  • Equipped with a 1 horsepower Siemens engine with a gearbox number: 3.
  • In addition, it is accompanied by special drying fans with a capacity of 4.05kw.
10_Dryer belt
  • Function: Extra drying stage:
  • Equipped with a 1 HP Siemens motor.
11_Frying machine
  • Function: Perfectly complete the frying of chips.
  • The potato chips frying machine is very advanced.
  • It works with two different frying systems combined together, ensuring that the potatoes are fried perfectly evenly and with high quality.
  • The fryers operate on gas or diesel as per customer request.
  • Precise temperature setting.
  • Five-stage filtration, filtration capacity is 8000 liters per hour.
  • Equipped with two oil compensation tanks, each tank has a capacity of 900 liters, insulated with a double jacket.
  • Compensation and filtration are fully automatic (vacuum filtration circuit 5 stage MESH KROM graduated).
  • 2 HP Siemens engine with NRW gearbox.
  • 1 HP Siemens engine with NRW gearbox.
  • High temperature oil pump plus 3 HP motor for filter assembly.
  • And a special high-temperature oil pump in addition to a 2-hp engine.
  • In addition, it is equipped with an Italian burner brand RİELLO, BALTUR or ECOFLAM.
  • Also a fire safety system.
  • And a system to control the passage of chips per second within the frying machine (advanced system).
12_ Deoiling machine
  • Function: extracting oil from chips and preparing them for flavoring.
  • It is made of stainless steel and in addition to that it is laminated with stainless steel.
  • Equipped with two VEBRATOR motors, power 300w * 2, AVABRO brand specialized in the manufacture of bottles.
13_Check and cooling conveyor belt
  • Function: Examination and purification of chips, which leads to raising the quality of the product, in other words, it gives us a competitive product in the market.
  • 1 HP German Siemens engine with NRW gearbox.
14_Falvor spray unit
  • Function: Combine flavors and sprinkle evenly on chips.
  • Equipped with a half horse engine with gearbox
  • It is controlled with high precision (to precisely adjust the amount of flavor) by means of an inverter.
  • The mechanism of spraying and distributing the flavor accurately through an induction vibrator from the finest specialized Turkish companies.
  • The intensity of the shaking is precisely electronically controlled.
15_Falvoring drum
  • Function: Stirring chips and distributing flavors evenly.
  • Power: 1 hp German Siemens with NRW gearbox.
16_Control panel
  • Motors from the famous German company Siemens
  • NRW gearboxes German brand
  • Contactor thermal protection circuit breakers – engine breakers are from the famous German company Eaton
  • PLC control screen from the famous German company Siemens
  • Inverters from Fuji, Japan
  • The line is made And laminated with SS304
Additional information:
  • We offer a two-year warranty from the date of delivery.
  • All of our products are CE certified.
  • And İSO 9001:2015,  İSO 45001:2018 certificates.
  • Above all, we are keen on the customer’s peace of mind and reassurance before the purchase process and similarly after the purchase process.
  • We provide all technical, logistical and technical support during production, for example: technical information, chips mixes, chips flavor mixes, and spare parts.
Potato chips production line MDXPCH300

Potato chips production line MDXPCH300

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