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Madox Machines is a company that manufactures all production lines of half-fried (frozen) potatoes, natural chips, snacks and advanced packaging systems. Madox Company relies on technology developed in its industries, as it offers high European quality products that give it a strong position in global markets.

Stuffed corn production project

Stuffed corn production project

Stuffed corn production project

Stuffed corn production project from the well-established Madox Company, a distinguished integrated project that provides a great return to the investor according to the market and the size of the competition. Of course, there is sufficient demand in all markets for this product.

Madox Company offers a high quality stuffed corn production line at an affordable price that meets the needs of investors.

The stuffed corn production line is available in two capacities:

  1. Stuffed corn production line 250 kg per hour
  2. Stuffed corn production line, 500 kg per hour

We present to you the full vision of the stuffed corn project:

The stuffed corn production project consists of three basic stages:

  1. Selection of raw materials
  2. Serial production
  3. Packaging

First: Determining the raw materials needed for the production of stuffed corn:

  • Madox Company provides all the necessary information to assure the raw materials needed for the production of stuffed corn, in addition to that, it provides information on the places of selling raw materials such as:
  • Corn semolina for stuffed corn, its type and places of sale
  • Chocolate materials and mixture
  • Ready-made product wrapping paper (packaging sulphate)

Second: the series of automatic production stages:

  • At this stage, production begins in an actual and practical way.

Stages of producing stuffed corn sequentially:

  1. Corn Mixer
  2. Spiral extruder feeder
  3. The extruder (responsible for forming the corn) with an automatic feeding device
  4. model formation
  5. Chocolate injection pump
  6. Forming device (pillow cutter)
  7. chocolate cooking tank Kong 500 kg
  8. Mixer for mashing and stuffing with a capacity of 500 kg
  9. Cooling belt
  10. Control panel of the production line
  • For details, please contact the marketing team.

Fourth: the packaging:

  • Madox has its own packaging system that meets the needs of the investor in terms of quality, speed and price.
  • Madox relies on the best industrial equipment, electrical and electronic parts in the manufacture of packaging systems.
  • Madox Company provides a packing and packaging system by weight system for packing pillowcases and horizontal systems for packing stuffed corn sticks at an economical price that fully meets the investor’s need.
  • Packaging machines are installed in accordance with the production capacity.

To get a price quote and detailed information about the stuffed corn project, please contact the marketing team.

Important technical information:

  • We use raw materials from the best companies in the world and the ones most compatible with our products
  • We always provide distinctive and unique solutions that suit the client
  • We provide a complete guarantee
Stuffed corn production project

Stuffed corn production project

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