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Madox Machines is a company that manufactures all production lines of half-fried (frozen) potatoes, natural chips, snacks and advanced packaging systems. Madox Company relies on technology developed in its industries, as it offers high European quality products that give it a strong position in global markets.

Half-fried potato production project

Half-fried potato production project

Half-fried potato production project

The project for the production of half-fried potatoes from the first company in Turkey and Europe in the manufacture of half-fried potato production lines with the highest quality and the best price ever compared to the quality provided.

Madox offers production lines of half-fried potatoes of the highest quality, which greatly compete with the best companies in the world, even surpassing them in many features and high technologies that are unique to them.

Madox is the only company in the world to offer a production line with shock and freezer chambers and smart packaging systems entirely of their own making.

In addition, Madox provides an economic feasibility study suitable for the country of investment and also provides accurate detailed information about the raw materials that will be used in the production process.

Madox has unique industrial solutions in the production of Half-fried potatoes, which makes the product one of the first-class brands in the world.

Madox uses the best industrial raw materials in manufacturing its production lines to ensure high product quality.

The half -fried potato production lines are one of the best food projects that can be invested in in the short, medium and long term.

We take care of the smallest details to ensure customer peace of mind in the production process.

Detailed information for the half-fried potato production project:
The half-fried potato production project consists of four basic stages:
  1. The production process, processing and frying of potatoes
  2. Refrigeration, shock and freezing
  3. The packing process
  4. Storage process
First: The process of producing, processing and frying potatoes:
  • This stage consists of a lot of production, processing and frying operations, but thanks to the technologies of Madox Company, these stages have become fully automatic without the need for intervention by operators.
  1. The potato soaking process integrated with a conveyor belt
  2. The first potato washing process
  3. Potato peeling unit
  4. The process of examining and purifying the potato grains
  5. Conveyor belt
  6. Advanced cutting unit
  7. Potato washing and processing unit
  8. Madox’s Cleaning System
  9. Conveyor belt
  10. The processing unit and adjusting the starch and sugar levels within the grains
  11. A special supplement to raise the quality of potatoes for Madox Company
  12. Filter unit
  13. Potato drying unit
  14. Conveyor belt
  15. Advanced frying unit
  16. Frying oil treatment supplement
  17. Oil compensation unit
  18. Potato oil filtration unit
  19. A belt to check the fingers of potatoes
  20. First cooling stage
Second: Cooling, shocking and freezing:
  • This stage is very important, requiring great expertise, detailed studies about the product, and many details that are hidden from major companies.
  • Each company has a special vision about cooling, electrocution and freezing, but Madox has the most correct opinion in this field, due to its unique expertise that combines past experience, future technology and customer needs.
  • The field of refrigeration, electrocution and freezing is another world in the field of food industries as it needs a specialized team with experience that is not similar but specialized in potatoes, and this is what distinguishes Madox from the major companies.
  •  Madox owns a multinational team ; German, Turkish and Arab engineering with great experience in the field of refrigeration, electrocution and freezing.
  •  In addition to that, Madox has a working partnership with the biggest suppliers of special raw materials in the manufacture of shock and freezing tunnels.
  • All details are available with the marketing team.
Third: the packaging process:
  • The multi-head weighing packaging system for half-fried potatoes with a capacity compatible for the envelopes available in the market.
  • Madox offers an economical packaging system that helps reduce the project cost and provide a high quality product.
  • The Scales Tower is one of the most prestigious companies in the world.
  • Excellent speed to meet the needs of the project.
  • Special metal suitable for potatoes.
  • Ease of use and control.
Fourth: the storage process:
  • The storage process is very important to maintain a frozen product within the required temperature.
  • The options are open and many for the customer. We provide him with the best storage unit at an appropriate price.
  • In addition, the storage unit will be suitable for the surrounding conditions.
Important technical information:
  • We use raw materials from the best companies in the world and the ones most compatible with our products
  • We always provide distinctive and unique solutions that suit the client
  • We provide a complete guarantee

Follow up with the competent marketing team and get the best price offer.

Half-fried potato fingers production project

Half-fried potato fingers production project

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