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Madox Machines is a company that manufactures all production lines of half-fried (frozen) potatoes, natural chips, snacks and advanced packaging systems. Madox Company relies on technology developed in its industries, as it offers high European quality products that give it a strong position in global markets.

Project of raw pellet chips production

Project of raw pellet chips production

Project of raw pellet chips production

The project of producing raw pellet chips from the Turkish company Madox, the best manufacturer of chips production lines in Turkey and Europe, and one of the best companies in the world, the Famous Madox since 1991.

Madox Turkish Company is the only company in Turkey that manufactures raw pellet chips production lines used in frying operations.

Madox offers raw pellet production line with high quality and advantageous price that suits investors..

The raw pallet chips production project is considered a strategic project due to the lack of raw pallet producers and their non-existence in many countries despite the need for raw pallet chips for frying.

In addition, the possibility of producing multiple shapes is available according to the customer’s request.

Detailed information for the raw pellet chips production project

the raw pellet chips production project consists of four basic stages

  1. Choosing the appropriate production capacity
  2. The production process
  3. Packing
  4. Storage process

First: Choosing the appropriate production capacity:

  • The necessary production capacity can be determined by studying the quantity of chips factories’ demand for raw pallet chips in the target market, and on this basis the necessary production capacity is determined.
  • Madox Company assists the investor in studying the production capacity required for the project, by adopting it on the basis of the principles of local and international marketing, also based on its great experience that it formed during the 31 years in the field of food industries and machinery industries.

Second: the production process:

  • Thanks to the modern technologies used by Madox Company, production processes have become fully automatic, helping to reduce production costs for the investor, and this helps him in concurrence and providing products at the best prices, which makes it easier for him to expand his projects and diversify his products.

Serial explanation of the production process:

  1. The stage of mixing raw materials with flour
  2. conveyor for Pellet chips paste
  3. Preparing and cooking the pellet chips paste
  4. The main extruder for the production of pellet chips
  5. A set of forming and cutting the cooked pellet chips paste
  6. Cooling conveyor belt
  7. Chips vibrator for raw pellet
  8. Cooling conveyor belt
  9. Raw pellet chips drying oven (10 meters long, 2.6 meters high, 1.65 meters wide)
  10. Conveyor belt
  11. Cooling conveyor belt
  12. Electrical control panel of pellet production line

Third: Packaging:

  • The packaging process is optional, as per the investor’s request, but in general, this product is consumed by the companies of  fried chips production.
  • Therefore, it is preferable to pack food bags within strong cartons weighing 10 kg or 15 kg per carton.
  • The packing machine can also be used for small weights.

Fourth: the storage process:

  • Packaged products must be kept in a dry place, away from moisture and vapors

Important technical information:

  • We use raw materials from the best companies in the world and the ones most compatible with our products
  • We always offer distinctive and unique solutions that suit the customer
  • We provide a complete  guarantee

Madox also provides an economic feasibility study for the raw pellet chips production project, which you can obtain from the marketing team.

Project of raw pellet chips production

Project of raw pellet chips production

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