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Madox Machines is a company that manufactures all production lines of half-fried (frozen) potatoes, natural chips, snacks and advanced packaging systems. Madox Company relies on technology developed in its industries, as it offers high European quality products that give it a strong position in global markets.

The project of Tortilla chips production with packaging system

The project of Tortilla chips production with packaging system

The project of Tortilla chips production with packaging system

Tortilla chips production project with packaging system from the best manufacturer of chips production lines in Turkey and Europe and one of the world’s best companies Madox Machines. Madox offers a project to produce tortilla chips with packaging system with the highest quality ever and the best price compared to the quality provided and modern equipment.

The tortilla chips production project with the packaging system is one of the most profitable chips projects, due to the lack of concurrence, the high demand for tortilla chips, and the low cost of the product.

Madox offers a tortilla chips production line with multiple production capacities to meet the needs of chips production companies and factories and investors who wish to develop their factories and production lines and diversify their chips products.

Madox Company attaches great importance to the manufacture of chips production lines, because it believes that the first step to the success of the chips production project begins with a high-quality and distinctive production line that paves the way for a successful project that generates a lot of profits for the investing company.

We offer you the complete vision of the tortilla chips production project:

The tortilla chips production project consists of three main stages:
  1. Determine the raw materials needed to produce tortilla chips
  2. Chain-stage automatic production
  3. The packaging
First: Determine the raw materials required for the production of tortilla chips:

Madox Company provides all the necessary information to assure the raw materials necessary for the production of tortilla chips, in addition to that, it provides information on the places of selling raw materials such as:

  • Special corn for tortilla chips
  • extra materials
  • Frying oil for chips (palm oil)
  • Chips spices
  • Chips wrapping paper (packaging sulphate)
Second: the series of automatic production stages:
  • At this stage, production begins in an actual and practical way.
Stages of production tortilla chips sequentially
  1. The stage of preparation and mixing of raw materials using the raw materials mixer
  2. Raw material conveyor
  3. The stage of cooking the tortilla paste
  4. Tortilla chips cutting and forming unit
  5. Conveyor line for tortilla chips
  6. Direct flame oven for tortilla chips
  7. Conveyor belt
  8. Madox’s frying unit, in which Madox’s superiority over all companies in the world manufacturing production lines is highlighted without exception.
  9. Oil filtering machine
  10. Testing process for fried chips
  11. Spice mixing unit
  12. Drum the flavor and mix the chips with the spices
  13. Conveyor belt for packaging
  14. Full Control unit

In addition to a lot of details that you can get from the marketing team.

Third: Advanced Packaging Stage:
  • Madox has its own packaging system that meets the needs of the investor in terms of quality, speed and price.
  • Madox relies on the best industrial equipment, electrical and electronic parts in the manufacture of packaging systems.

To get a price quote and detailed information about the project of producing tortilla chips with packaging system, please contact the marketing team.

important information:

All the parts used in the production processes are from the first-class companies in the world, such as:

  • Motors (German Siemens)
  • Electrical equipment (German Siemens)

Control systems (Siemens or Eaton, Germany)

  • Gearboxes (NRW German franchise)
  • Inverters (Japanese Fuji or German Euro Drive)
  • Metal: Stainless Steel
  • Madox also provides a feasibility study for the production of tortilla chips project, which you can obtain from the marketing team.
The project of Tortilla chips production with packaging system

The project of Tortilla chips production with packaging system

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