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Madox Machines is a company that manufactures all production lines of half-fried (frozen) potatoes, natural chips, snacks and advanced packaging systems. Madox Company relies on technology developed in its industries, as it offers high European quality products that give it a strong position in global markets.

Corn snacks production line MDX/CN200

Corn snacks production line MDX/CN200

Corn snacks production line MDX/CN200

Corn snacks production line MDX/CN200 Turkish made, European quality, equipped with safety systems and saving systems. it produces more than 20 different shapes and tastes.

The corn chips production line is one of the most widespread chips production lines in the world and among the most profitable.

Main Features of Corn snacks Chips Production Line:
  • Corn Chips Production Line MDX/CN200
  • Model MDX/CN200
  • Capacity 200 kg/h.
  • Produces more than 20 different shapes and tastes
  • Automatic production line made of stainless steel
  • In addition, it is made of stainless steel 304 .
  • American high-tech and quality system.
Corn snacks Chips Production Line consists of:
  1. Corn Mixer
  2. Screw feeder for extruder
  3. Extruder (automatic feeder with blasting machine) (signel screw)
  4. conveyor belt
  5. Drying Oven
  6. Oil and flavor mixer
  7. Flavoring drum
  8. Flavoring pump (a device for spraying flavor on the chips)
  9. Control panel
Detailed explanation of Corn snacks Chips Production Line:
1_ Corn Mixer:
  • Capacity 450 kg
  • Made of stainless steel (Stainless Steel 304)
  • It is equipped with a small window to see the level of material inside.
  • Mechanical protection to prevent worker’s hand from entering the mixer. (Metal cage)
  • Working while cleaning is equipped with electrical protection to protect staff’s hand.
  • It is a system developed to remove metal impurities in corn.
  • Equipped with water tank for humidification.
  • Engine Turkish made Volt brand power 4 kW.
2_ corn snacks Screw feeder for extruder:
  • Screw feeder for extruder, Made of 304 stainless steel
  • A window was created from the bottom to facilitate cleaning.
  • Extruder supplies the main raw material to be used
  • Equipped with electrical protection to protect the hands of working personnel during cleaning.
  • It is a system developed to remove metal impurities in corn.
  • Engine made in Turkey Volt brand power 0.75kw.
3_ corn snacks Extruder (automatic feeder with blasting machine) (signel screw):
  • Extruder, American Model
  • The extruder is fed automatically.
  • The motor is very powerful / 41.25KW /
  • It is controlled by an inverter.
  • The redactor is made of the finest types of metal that carry the pressure of working hours.
  • Balls Swedish or German made SKF brand
  • Extruder shaft is made of steel that has been treated with the latest bending method.
  • Spirals are made of the highest quality metals.
  • 2 spirals are attached with the line.
  • Extruders motors are electronically controlled by an inverter.
  • Equipped with an electronically controlled heating device (Heat clock).
  • All Extruder operations are controlled by a main control panel.
  • Independent of the extruder structure, it is equipped with two ventilation fans.
  • The extruder is equipped with water cooling (closed circuit) and air cooling.
  • Chrome wrapped externally to facilitate the cleaning process.
4_ Conveyor belt:
  • Conveyor belt, Its function is to transfer the products produced from the extruder to the drying oven.
  • The structure is made of chrome.
  • The engine is equipped with power (0.75 KW)
5_ corn snacks Drying Oven:
  • Drying oven, It works with Diesel and Electric.
  • Length 6 m
  • Width 170 cm
  • height 220 cm
  • It saves more than 60% energy due to the added Advanced technology.
  • Tasks are controlled by a Plc screen.
  • Its capacity is 37.5 kW.
6_ Oil and flavor mixer:
  • Made of food grade stainless steel.
  • The capacity of the blender is 200 liters.
  • Made in a double jacket shape for indirect heating.
  • The flavor mixers and the pump are attached to a single stainless steel chassis.
  • Turkish made Gamak or volt engines and German NRW gearboxes.
  • The oil mixer is made in a concave shape, in other words cylindrical, to facilitate complete cleaning.
7_ corn snacks Flavoring drum:
  • Flavoring drum, a cylinder made of stainless steel.
  • The speed of the seasoning is controlled electronically (inverter).
  • Flavoring drum, It is manufactured to prevent the flavor from gathering and clumping and to get the best flavoring result by rotating the chips while spraying the flavor.
  • The flavor is injected and the pumping speed is controlled electronically (inverter).
  • length: 3m .
  • Diameter: 85cm.
  • Equipped with an advanced, calibrated American model flavor sprayer.
  • Additionally cover from the material exit tip.
  • Wheels have been added to facilitate the moving and cleaning process.
  • It is adjustable to control the time of passage of chips inside it
8_ Flavoring pump (a device for spraying flavor on the chips):
  • A pump specifically for the oil and flavor mixture (silicone hose), has a motor attached to an aluminum body.
9_ Control panel:
  • Motors from volt brand
  • Gearboxes NRW German brand
  • Contactor thermal protection circuit breakers – engine breakers are from the famous German company Eaton
  • Inverters from Fuji, Japan
  • The line is made And laminated with SS
Additional information:
  • We offer a two-year warranty from the date of delivery.
  • All of our products are CE certified.
  • And ?SO 9001:2015,  ?SO 45001:2018 certificates.
  • Above all, we are keen on the customer’s peace of mind and reassurance before the purchase process and similarly after the purchase process.
  • We provide all technical, logistical and technical support during production, for example: technical information, chips mixes, chips flavor mixes, and spare parts.
corn snacks production line MDXCN200

corn snacks production line MDXCN200

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