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Madox Machines is a company that manufactures all chips production lines and advanced packaging systems. Madox Company relies in its industries on advanced technology as it offers products of high European quality that give it a strong position in the global markets. Madox was founded in 1991 in the industrial zone of the Syrian city of Aleppo by the Syrian businessman Sobhi Riad Natour, then the company moved to the Turkish city of Gaziantep in 2013 with the aim of expanding the business. Madox worked in the manufacture and development of the first extruder for the manufacture of corn chips in the Middle East in its first launch in 1991, then began to develop integrated systems competing for major international companies. On the level of packaging systems, Madox had a distinguished and impressive position in the global markets, as it provided the best and most advanced packaging machine in the world. All of our products are made with the best and finest raw materials that have been carefully selected for this purpose the field. Madox has been located in the Turkish city of Gaziantep, in the industrial zone, since 2013 to this day. Maddox exports its products to all countries of the world, and it has a flexible system in this regard that allows it to provide a distinguished service to all its customers.

Cheetos chips production line MDX/CHC175

Cheetos chips production line MDX/CHC175

Cheetos chips production line MDX/CHC175

Cheetos chips production line MDX/CHC175  capacity from 150 kg to 175 kg per hour, is made and coated with SS304 High-tech, easy-to-use and clean system, low oil consumption.

Main Features of Cheetos chips production line:
  • Production capacity from 150 kg to 175 kg per hour
  • The cheetos production line is made and coated with SS304
  • High-tech, easy-to-use and clean system, low oil consumption,
    maintains quality and prevents oil oxidation
Cheetos chips production line consists of:
  1. Corn Mixer
  2. Spiral Conveyor
  3. Cheetos extruder
  4. Conveyor belt
  5. Frying machine
  6. Oil compensation tanks, 2 capacity, 450 liters per tank
  7. Deoiling machine
  8. Conveyor belt
  9. Flavoring unite
  10. Flavoring drum (flavor cylinder)
  11. Control panel
Detailed explanation of Cheetos chips production line:

1_ Corn Mixer:

  • Capacity is 500kg
  • Made of SS304
  • Equipped with a standard discharge slot
  • Slot to indicate the level of materials inside.
  • Equipped with a mechanical protection to prevent the worker’s hand from entering the mixer (metal mesh).
  • Provided with electrical protection to protect the worker’s hand during cleaning
  • Provided with a mechanism to withdraw metal impurities, if any inside the atom
  • Equipped with a water tank for humidification.
  • Power : 4kw
2_ Spiral Conveyor:
  • Spiral conveyor made of SS304
  • Height of 300 cm
  • Its function is to transfer the flour mixture from the mixer to the extruder
  • Power : 0.75kw
3_Cheetos extruder:
  • The extruder, which is responsible for forming the dough and producing the cheetos kernels, has a production capacity from 150 kg to 175 kg per hour .
  • It is equipped with a snail feeder made of SS304
  • Total Power : 35,5kw
4_ Conveyor belt:
  • Its function is to transfer the finished product to the frying stage
  • Power : 0.75kw
5_ Frying machine:
  • Frying pan and accessories:
  • Length 440cm, width 91cm, capacity of 270 kg of oil only .
  • Equipped with its own control panel with standard specifications and advanced protection and safety systems
  • The basin is insulated from the outside with a thermal insulation to preserve the heat
  • The process of replacing the spent oil is completely automated (modern system)
  • The fryer is equipped with a pump for circulation and oil filtration, a Turkish industry, where the oil is permanently refined and filtered during work
  • The fryer is equipped with a heat-resistant pump to replace the oil
  • Total Power : 5,25kw
  • The fryer is equipped with an advanced protection system to protect against the risk of tampering with heat hours or a sudden malfunction that may affect temperature sensors with an alarm bell and an automatic extinguishing device
6_ Oil compensation tanks, 2 capacity, 450 liters per tank:
  • Equipped with heaters to adjust compensation oil temperature made entirely of SS304
  • Double jacket insulated with glass wool for energy saving
7_ Deoiling machine:
  • An English model made of food chrome, consisting of 3 compact stages, with a length of / 2 / meter
  • Power : 0.75kw
8_ Conveyor belt:
  • Completely made of SS304
  • With a / 2 / meter structure
  • The belt drive is a horse and has a gearbox with a filtered oil collection tank
  • Power : 0,37kw
9_ Flavoring unite:
  • It consists of a chrome tank with an engine and a gearbox with a spiral end
  • Equipped with a Japanese Marco / Fuji / Inverter to control the amount of powder flowing to the future shaking of the flavored powder.
  • Shaker, which is a variable speed electric flavor shaker, is equipped with an additional device for flavoring
  • Power : 0,37kw
10_Flavoring drum (flavor cylinder):
  • Completely made of SS304
  • Fully food grade, with a / 3 / meter frame, equipped with an inverter
  • And a half-horse motor with a speed control gearbox is almost completely sealed at the material exit end to reduce waste of flavoring powder
  • Power : 0.75kw
11_Control Panel:
  • Contactor thermal protection circuit breakers – engine breakers from the German Eaton brand
  • Delta Plc Control Monitors
  • The inverters are from the Japanese Fuji brand
  • The line is made of SS304
  • And laminated with SS304
Additional information:
  • We offer a two-year warranty from the date of delivery.
  • All of our products are CE certified.
  • And ISO 9001 and ISO 18001 certificates.
  • Above all, we are keen on the customer’s peace of mind and reassurance before the purchase process and similarly after the purchase process.
  • We provide all technical, logistical and technical support during production, for example: technical information, chips mixes, chips flavor mixes, and spare parts.
Cheetos chips production line MDXCHC175

Cheetos chips production line MDXCHC175

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