تصدير وشحن المكائن من تركيا
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  • The process of packaging machines and preparing them for shipment
  • The most suitable means of transportation for shipping industrial machinery from Turkey to all countries
  • Specifications to be considered while choosing a shipping company
  • It has become the desire of many investors and importers to ship industrial production lines from Turkey of all kinds and capacities; Where the Turkish economy witnessed a rebound at all levels, and one of the most important factors for that is the industrial sector, the growth of Turkish exports and the development of Turkish industries and products, which contributed to the growth of the Turkish economy.
  • Turkish industries and products of all kinds are also characterized by high quality and competitive prices with European countries, the Middle East and Africa; Which made it an example for many countries that aim to increase their growth and develop their industries and produce them with the same quality and reasonable price.
  • You must be wondering about the logistical method for shipping machinery and machinery from Turkey, As Turkey is considered one of the largest exporters of production lines and various machines all over the world, we will talk about the service of shipping industrial machinery from Turkey to the countries of the world, and how to find an integrated and safe shipping service with multiple means of transportation and the specifications that must be taken into account in order to choose the appropriate shipping company.
Packaging processfor machines and prepare it for shipment
  • According to accurate plans that are carefully drawn up, the measurements of the machine to be shipped or stored are taken in terms of length, dimensions and size in order to choose the appropriate means of transportation for it by sea or land.
  • After that, the sensitive parts of the machine are reinforced to protect them from any external factor that may expose them to damage or breakage. The entire load is also covered and tied properly to ensure its stability after transportation, shipment or storage.
  • Otherwise, sensitive devices or machines such as plasma devices and laser machines are dealt with in a special way to ensure the safety and security of machines.
The most appropriate means of transportation for shipping industrial machines from Turkey to all countries
  • If we talk about the most suitable means of transportation for shipping industrial machinery from Turkey, we will not find better than maritime and land transportation for heavy loads ”cargo”, As it is considered the fastest, most appropriate and safest method for machines.
Sea shipping
  • Sea freight is the primary means of transporting goods with heavy or huge weights,
  • There are Steamship and marine vessels of different sizes and types; Including flatbed containers, flat moving containers, closed containers, as well as open roof containers – or what is known as Open End \ Open Top – and these types of transport ships accommodate all types of loads from the port to direct delivery.It must be ensured that there is a specialized cadre of supervisors to arrange the containers in an orderly and correct manner, to ensure that no friction, collision or any defect occurs during loading, transportation and unloading.
Land shipping ” Land freight ”
  • There are now many advanced means of land transport, which provide safe shipping for various industrial machines.
  • Among the means of land freight; Trucks with roofs, and trucks with internal gaskets for protection.
Specifications to be considered while choosing a shipping company
  • Sufficient experience in the field of the team and staff; Where they have the greatest responsibility in following up all stages of receiving from the source and shipping until the arrival of the shipment to the required country.
  • Speed in the completion and delivery of shipments, where care is taken to adhere to the schedule of the shipment without delay.
  • Professional and elaborate packaging service for machinery and equipment; This ensures that they arrive safely and securely at their intended destination.
  • Availability of tracking shipments from source to destination.
  • The availability of the service of preparing the documents and papers necessary for the process of exporting and shipping machinery and equipment to open the production line from Turkey and the papers necessary for customs clearance in the country of destination.
  • Having a customs clearance service.
  • Advantage of machinery and equipment insurance service against shipping risks in case the customer desires.

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